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Speciality coffee is more than just a choice of flavour. It is a commitment to quality that is reflected at every stage, from the farm to the cup. On this journey, we will explore what distinguishes Specialty Coffee and why we should care.

Speciality Coffee: A Brief Look at Excellence
Simply put, Specialty Coffee is coffee that scores 80 points or more on a scale of 100, as assessed by a certified coffee cupper. This quest for excellence manifests itself throughout the supply chain, where every participant, from the farmer to the consumer, plays a crucial role. The Specialty Coffee Association  He aptly sums it up: "Speciality coffee can exist consistently because of the dedication of those who have made quality their top priority in life.

Heightened Sensoriality: Beyond Flavours and Aromas
The quality imbued in Specialty Coffee beans offers an unparalleled sensory experience. Bean varieties, growing altitudes, soil composition and precise roasting processes intertwine to create flavours ranging from fruity and floral to chocolate and hazelnut nuances. The emphasis is not only on taste, but on creating a rich and diverse experience for the consumer.

Ethical and Environmental Commitment: Beyond the Mug
Speciality Coffee transcends palate pleasure and embraces ethics and sustainability. Choosing it means supporting fair trade practices, ensuring fair compensation for farmers. It also contributes to environmentally friendly farming practices, promoting biodiversity and participating in carbon sequestration.

Unlike commercial coffee, with its large-scale practices that threaten deforestation and soil degradation, specialty coffee embraces small-scale, shade-grown cultivation. This not only promotes biodiversity but also contributes to carbon sequestration and the preservation of natural ecosystems.

Exploring Specialty Coffee: Tips for Adventure
For those who wish to immerse themselves in the world of Speciality Coffee, here are some recommendations:

- Explore without Fear:
Taste different varieties of Speciality Coffee from different regions to discover your preferred flavour profiles.

- Experiment with different Preparation Methods:
From filters to French press to espresso, each method offers a unique experience. Experiment and find your favourite.

- Conversations with Coffee Enthusiasts:
Don't hesitate to consult with local baristas or roasters. Passion for Speciality Coffee is shared with enthusiasm.

 Specialty Coffee: More than a Trend, a Movement
As the coffee industry moves forward, let us remember that Speciality Coffee is not just a fad; it is a movement towards a more sustainable and conscious coffee culture. Each cup not only offers delight, but also makes a positive contribution to the lives of farmers and the environment.

Questions and Answers

What differentiates Speciality Coffee from other types of coffee?
Speciality Coffee is distinguished by a score of 80 points or more on a scale of 100, assessed by a certified coffee cupper. This indicator reflects a commitment to quality at all stages from cultivation to roasting.

What are the ethical and environmental benefits of choosing Speciality Coffee?
By choosing Specialty Coffee, consumers support fair trade practices and contribute to environmental sustainability. This translates into fair compensation for farmers and the promotion of environmentally responsible agricultural practices.

How can I best explore and enjoy Specialty Coffee?
Don't be afraid to explore different varieties and regions. Experiment with different preparation methods, and seek guidance from local baristas or roasters to discover new experiences and flavours.


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