Yemen Collective Al Hayma

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Region: Al Hajma
Varieties: Udaini
Process: Natural
Altitude: 2200 m
Scoring: 88,25
Tasting notes: Plum, green grapes, lime, almond and bergamot


Discover excellence in every cup with our Delilab Yemen Collective Al Hayma Coffee. Sourced from the Al Hayma region, this unique coffee is grown at an altitude of 2200m, where expert growers guarantee an exceptional harvest. With notes of plum, green grape, lime, almond and bergamot, this coffee has achieved a score of 88.25, highlighting its unrivalled quality. Naturally harvested and processed, we preserve the authenticity of each bean. Available in 500g and 5kg boxes, our Yemen Collective Al Hayma Coffee is the perfect choice for coffee lovers looking for a unique experience.

Situated at an impressive altitude of 2200 metres above sea level, producers in the Mikhlaf Al-Rub' area are fortunate to benefit from high altitudes and fertile soils, which contribute to the production of exceptional coffee. This area is home to Al Mahjar, renowned for its commitment to the production of high quality coffee.

Al-Hayma, a region on the outskirts of the governorate of Sana'a, contrasts sharply with its lush green surroundings. This arid region is subject to a harsh climate and boasts a staggering average altitude of 2250 metres above sea level. Due to the difficult conditions, the harvest season in this remote mountainous region is always home to Yemen's last cherries, which have plenty of time to ripen to perfection.

Within Al-Hayma lies Wadi Al-Mahjar, a small valley that is home not only to a rich history of coffee production but also to a wealth of exceptional lots. Among the 12 lots from Al-Hayma presented at Sheba's 2021 Yemen Gems auction, 11 come from Wadi Al-Mahjar, demonstrating its reputation for excellence.

Although coffee production in Al-Hayma is modest, it is renowned for its quality. In some villages, the total harvest does not exceed 15 tonnes of coffee cherries, or 1.5 tonnes of coffee beans per year. However, it is important to recognise that yield is not the only measure of success. In the hands of expert farmers, the quality of Al-Hayma coffee is second to none. Farmers in the region depend on a variety of crops such as coffee, pumpkins, peaches, melons, vegetables and pulses for their livelihoods. Cordia myxa trees, widely distributed in Al-Mahjar, shade the coffee trees, offering additional benefits to farmers.

During the harvesting period, producers meticulously pick only the ripest red cherries. In Yemen, it is common for producers to visit their trees several times during each harvest to ensure that the cherries are picked at their peak of ripeness. Once harvested, the cherries are transported to one of Sheba's regional processing centres to begin the transformation process.

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