Uganda Bukonzo Dream

Precio x Kg 13.00

Region: Rwenzori Mountains
Varieties: SL14 & SL28
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1800/2000 m
Scoring: 85
Tasting notes: Vanilla, cane sugar and tropical nuances.


Bukonzo Dream stands out for its natural process and unique notes of vanilla, cane sugar and tropical nuances, making it an exceptional sensory experience.

Bukonzo Dream coffee comes from the Rwenzori Mountains, located in Uganda. This coffee stands out for its high quality natural process, which brings out distinctive notes of vanilla, cane sugar and tropical nuances.

The name "Bukonzo Dream" is derived from the Bakonzo tribe, descendants who inhabit the Rwenzori Mountains in both Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The connection to this community and its cultural heritage is a fundamental part of the identity of this coffee.

The coffee lots are meticulously organised by geographical region, with the collaboration of specialised purchasing centres. This coordination allows for careful selection and consistent quality in each lot.

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