Uganda Bukonzo Dream


  • Region: Rwenzori Mountains
  • Varieties: SL14 & SL28
  • Process: Natural
  • Altitude: 1800/2000 m
  • Score: 85
  • Tasting notes: Vanilla, cane sugar and tropical nuances.
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Bukonzo Dream, a high-quality natural process with hints of yoghurt and fruit that is as excellent as filter coffee or espresso.

The name comes from the Bakonzo tribe. A group of descendants living in the Rwenzori Mountains, which encompass both Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Individuals do not necessarily identify themselves as citizens of either country, but proudly proclaim their Bakonzo heritage. From these incredible people, combined with the
dream of connecting these cafés and people with coffee roasters and coffee shops is where the name came from.

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