Swisswater Brazil 17/18 fine cup

Precio x Kg 10.00

The Swiss Water®? decaffeination process is certified organic and uses only water, temperature and time to gently remove caffeine. The result is an extraordinary coffee without any chemical residue or residual taste.


Decaffeinated Coffee Swisswater Brasil 17/18 Fine Cup: Enjoy an extraordinary, caffeine-free coffee.

It is a net extraction process, which preserves intact the flavour characteristics of the coffee according to its origin.
99.9% caffeine free
100% chemical free

1. The green (unroasted) coffee beans are immersed in ?supersaturated? water with the
soluble components of coffee except for caffeine. To this supersaturated water
we call Green Coffee Bean Extract (GCE)
2. The ECV flows over the coffee beans. Seeking balance, the caffeine begins to
from coffee beans to LCA.
3. The ECV now contains caffeine, but only for a short time. It flows through the
carbon filters, which only trap caffeine molecules. The ECV is renewed
4. Repetition. This process is repeated for 10 hours, meticulously controlling the
time, temperature and flow, until the coffee beans are free of caffeine.

Brazil has been the world's largest coffee producer for more than 150 years.
It currently accounts for about a third of world production, although in the past its market share was as high as eighty percent. Coffee was introduced to the nation from French Guiana in 1727, while it was still under Portuguese rule.

Thus, Brazil's first coffee was planted by Francisco de Melo Palheta in the Para region in the north of the country. According to the myth, Palheta travelled to French Guiana on a diplomatic mission, seduced the governor's wife there and received the seeds hidden in a bouquet from her on his departure. The coffee he planted on his return home was probably used only for domestic consumption, and remained a minor crop until it began to make its way south, moving from orchard to orchard as well as from farm to farm.

Good Brazilian coffees tend to be low in acidity, heavy in body and sweet, often with chocolate and nutty flavours.

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