Swiss Water Colombia Excelso

Precio x Kg 12.54

This coffee has undergone a certified decaffeination process by Swiss Water®?. No chemicals are used in this process, ensuring that you enjoy extraordinary coffee without any chemical residue or residual taste.


The Swiss Water®? decaffeination process is meticulous and controlled at every stage. The green, unroasted coffee beans are immersed in water ?supersaturated? with the soluble components of coffee, with the exception of caffeine. This green coffee extract (GCE) flows over the coffee beans, allowing the caffeine to pass into the GCE and be removed from the coffee. Carbon filters trap the caffeine molecules, and the ECV is constantly renewed during a process that is meticulously repeated for 10 hours, controlling time, temperature and flow. The end result is 99.9% caffeine-free coffee beans.

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