Myanmar Myin Kya Doe

Precio x Kg 16.62

Region: Ywangan, Shan State.
Varietal: Catuai Network
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1282 m
Scoring: 85.75
Tasting notes: Lemon, cranberries, juicy and vibrant


Myin Kya Doe coffee is distinguished by its natural production process and unique flavour profile, which includes notes of lemon, blueberry and a juicy, vibrant cup feel.

Myin Kya Doe coffee is grown and processed in the village that bears its name, where approximately 450 households are involved in its production. The local community manages coffee processing within the village, focusing exclusively on natural dry coffees. The climate and terroir of the region are particularly suited to this process, with dry heat during the harvest season providing ideal conditions for drying the coffee.

Myin Kya Doe coffee comes from the Shwe Taung Thu farmer group, also known as "Golden Farmer". This group, composed of Danu and Pa-O smallholder farmers, is located in the Ywangan area of southern Shan State in eastern Myanmar. It aims to provide leadership, funding, technical assistance and market linkages to obtain fairer trading conditions for their coffees.

Coffee production in Myin Kya Doe not only contributes to the economic development of the region, but also strengthens the local community by providing employment and leadership opportunities. The management of coffee production at the community level promotes a sense of ownership and responsibility among the villagers.

In addition to its economic impact, coffee cultivation at Myin Kya Doe is carried out in a sustainable manner, using agricultural practices that respect the environment and the region's natural resources. This concern for environmental conservation ensures that coffee production is both profitable and respectful of nature.

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