Ethiopia Sidamo Hawassa


  • Region: Sidamo
  • Varieties: Heirloom
  • Process :Washing
  • Altitude: 1,800 m to 2,200 m
  • Tasting notes: Chocolate, lemon, fruity, citrus, jasmine.
  • Score:85.75
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Discover Ethiopia's Sidamo Hawassa coffee: A high-altitude treasure in the Sidamo Region

In the vast country of Ethiopia, as large as Spain and France combined, lies a veritable treasure trove of geography and culture. Ethiopia is known for its diversity, from the inhospitable Danakil Depression to the lush jungles of the southwest in Yirga Chefe. However, if there is one defining characteristic of Ethiopia, it is its impressive altitude. From the plateaus in the centre of the country to the majestic mountains in the south, the average height above sea level is 1330m.

In this land of contrasts, the Sidamo region is located in the south of Ethiopia, on the border with Kenya and Somalia. Sidamo is not only the name of this mountainous area, but also of its people and its language. Here, coffee grows spontaneously on the mountain slopes or is cultivated in small coffee gardens, where every family also plants fruit trees and vegetables. In addition, larger plots are cultivated and the coffee is processed in washing stations scattered throughout the territory.

Sidamo coffee is not only an important element in the local economy, it is also a protagonist in the social and cultural life of the region. In Sidamo, an invitation to participate in the coffee ceremony, an ancient ritual passed down from generation to generation, is a sign of friendship and great respect. This ceremony is the key to experiencing an unparalleled experience and immersing yourself in Ethiopian culture.

Sidamo coffees come from the southern highlands of Ethiopia, in the Rift Valley, where rainfall and fertile soils abound. These ideal conditions are reflected in a clean, bright cup of coffee with distinctive fruity notes and bright acidity. When tasting Sidamo Hawassa coffee, one can appreciate the flavours of blueberry and blackcurrant, perfectly blended with hints of bitter chocolate and characteristic sweetness. As for its aroma, subtle notes of jasmine and vanilla can be perceived, adding an extra dimension to this sensory experience.

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Immerse yourself in the richness of Ethiopian culture and the exquisiteness of Sidamo Hawassa coffee. Each cup is an invitation to discover the unique flavour nuances of this special region. Whether you prefer to enjoy it alone or share it with friends, Ethiopia Sidamo Hawassa coffee will transport you to the heights of the Ethiopian mountains and give you an unforgettable experience.

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