Ethiopia Sidamo Hawassa

Precio x Kg 11.63

Region: Sidamo
Varietal: Heirloom
Process: Washing
Altitude: 1,800 m to 2,200 m
Scoring: 85,75
Tasting notes: Chocolate, lemon, fruity, citrus, jasmine.


Discover Ethiopia's green coffee beans Sidamo Hawassa: A high-altitude treasure in the Sidamo Region

Much more than just a coffee, this is an experience that transports you to the heights of the Ethiopian mountains and immerses you in the unique culture and flavour of this special region. With its fruity notes and bright acidity, this coffee is a true gem that you won't want to pass up.

Within Ethiopia's vast territory, the Sidamo region stands out as a true geographical and cultural treasure. With an average altitude of 1330 metres above sea level, this mountainous area is home to a unique diversity, from the inhospitable lands of Danakil to the lush jungles of Yirga Chefe. Sidamo, located in the south of the country on the border with Kenya and Somalia, is known for its coffee plantations growing on mountain slopes and in small family gardens.

Sidamo Hawassa coffee is produced with care and passion in the Rift Valley region, where the climatic conditions and fertile soils contribute to its exceptional quality. Each bean is grown at an altitude of 1,800m to 2,200m and hand-selected to ensure excellence in every cup. With a meticulous washing process, this coffee reveals a balanced flavour profile, with notes of chocolate, lemon, fruit and citrus, along with subtle hints of jasmine and vanilla in its aroma.

Ethiopia Sidamo Hawassa coffee has notes of chocolate, lemon, fruit, citrus and jasmine, which combine to create a balanced and exquisite flavour profile.

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