Colombia Supremo 18 Blue


  • Region:Huila
  • Varieties:Bourbon, Typica and Castillo
  • Process:Washing
  • Altitude:1,350 m to 1,800 m
  • Tasting notes: Sweet, caramel, peach, passion fruit.
  • Score: 85
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In the cup, the flavours of caramel and butter stand out, mixed with notes of passion fruit and peach. In the aroma we find notes of jasmine and panela (sweet cane).
Huila is a department located in the southern part of the Andean region, and is currently the leading department in Colombia in terms of both production and quality. Huila is the epicentre of the best speciality coffees in the world. This is evidenced by the repeated titles that the ?opitas? coffee growers obtain in the ?Cup of Excellence? competition. The coffee growing in this department is characterised by the production of coffee with an awareness of sustainable exploitation, taking into account the conservation of the soil, respect for the natural forests and the use of the environmental offer. Its producers are aware that quality and consistency are the key to improving their income, with additional social programmes and services that help improve their quality of life, seeing the farm as a business unit that must be both profitable and competitive, carrying out the development of this activity under semi-shade, with 139,138 hectares planted in 35 municipalities. This department borders with Tolima, Cundinamarca, Meta, Caquetá and Cauca, and gives origin to rivers between mountains, showing its variety of landscapes with diverse natural elements such as volcanoes, low and undulating lands, rains, winds and with temperatures that vary according to the altitude. It is known that within this department there are different types of thermal floors such as warm, paramo, cold and, to a greater extent, temperate. But beyond the privileged geographical conditions, the commitment and dedication of the producers of Huila to the quality of the bean, taking care of each stage of the process, have contributed to enhance the intrinsic qualities of the bean. Cadefihuila was born in 1963 as an initiative and response to a need to market parchment coffee from the producers of Huila, but also as a need for small producers to group together in a cooperative entity that would represent their interests. This is the cooperative we have today with its 3,950 members.