China Natural Banka

Precio x Kg 9.73

Province: Yunnan
Altitude: 1350 m
Variety: Catimor (P3 / P4)
Process: Natural
Scoring: 85,5
Tasting notes: Sweet, fruity, vanilla, berries.


Banka coffee is distinguished by its focus on sustainability and innovation in the cultivation and processing process. In addition, its management by Yunnan Coffee Traders ensures high quality standards and transparency throughout the supply chain.

Banka, a farm and washing station, is based in Dai, Lahu and Va Autonomous County of Menglian, Yunnan. Its name comes from two adjacent villages (Banka Yi and Banka Er), where coffee is harvested. The Banka wet mill and part of the farm are managed by Yunnan Coffee Traders. The farm covers around 100 hectares of land and has been a pioneer in the region by installing one of the first optical sorters, as well as experimenting with processing methods such as yeast fermentation and growing new varieties such as Pacamara and Yellow Bourbon.

The washed coffees are first pulped and then dry fermented for 18 hours. They are then placed through density channels before being spread out on drying patios for approximately 5-8 days.

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