Ecuador San Agustín

35.38 Without V.A.T.

Region: Tulipe, Pichincha
Varietal: Caturra
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1300 ? 1500 m
Scoring: 87,25
Tasting notes: Honey, vanilla, tropical fruits, citrus.

Price per Kg (excluding V.A.T.)


Experience sustainability and passion in every cup with the Villagomez family-owned Café verde San Agustín from Ecuador. Carefully cultivated just metres from ancient ruins, this exceptional coffee is the result of the meticulous care of Alfonso Villagomez, a Q-grader and environmental consultant.
Improved Typica, Sidra, Pacamara and Ethiopian Heirloom varieties delight with sweet and fruity profiles. San Agustin stands out by offering naturally processed coffees, thanks to its innovative method of drying in solar and gas chambers.
In the face of climate challenges, the farm has demonstrated its commitment to quality and sustainability. Join the Villagomez family on their coffee journey and enjoy exceptionally sustainable coffee.

This pilot project, launched this year with 3 neighbouring farms, ensures harvesting under optimal conditions. The coffee, rinsed, sorted and roasted mostly by the farmers, goes into closed tanks for 120 hours, maintaining a pH of 3.5-3.6. Then, in "oreadores" (slow drying chambers) for 18 days, an optimum humidity range of 9-11% is achieved. After being transported to Quito, the coffee is stabilised in ideal conditions until it is milled, supporting the sustainability of small farmers by buying their cherries at better prices.

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