African green coffee Box

55.00 Without V.A.T.

Discover the diversity of flavours and aromas of green coffee beans with our 2.5 kg box containing 5 bags of 500 grams each! Each bag contains a unique variety of green coffee from different African countries, giving you an exceptional tasting experience.

*Coffees may vary according to stock availability.

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? Varieties: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Burundi Kinama Hill, Uganda Bukonzo Dream, Rwanda Rawmatamu, Kenya Aianabtany
? Genuine origins: Green coffee beans from Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda and Ethiopia.
? Freshness and quality: Green coffee beans carefully selected and processed to preserve their authenticity.
? Variety of flavours: Unique flavour profiles, from smoothness to intense and fruity notes.
? Quantity : 5 bags of 500 grams each.