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Cultivation System
Coffee production in Kenya is carried out through a cooperative system, as most coffee farming is done by smallholder farmers in the country. Coffee farming is highly valued by the Kenyan population as it is their main source of income.

Cultivation Areas
The central region of Kenya is known for its highlands with acidic soil, ideal for coffee trees. Kenyan coffee is grown mainly in areas such as the Aberdare Range, Mount Kenya, Bungoma, Nakuru, Kisii, Nyanza and Kericho, while smaller plantations are found in the Taita and Machakos hills.

Harvest Periods
The coffee bean harvest starts in April and lasts until July, but the best harvest is in the last quarter of the year.

Kenyan Coffee Processing
After harvesting the ripe coffee beans, they are fermented for more than 24 hours to remove the outer layer before drying and other processes such as roasting.

Kenyan Coffee Flavour and Aroma
Kenyan coffee is generally medium roasted, has a welcoming aroma and a fruity, berry flavour, which appeals to coffee lovers.

Kenyan Coffee Species
There are two main types of coffee in the world: robusta and arabica. In Kenya, there are improved arabica varieties, known for their resistance to pests and diseases, such as SL 28, SL34, K7, which lead to better yields.

How is Kenyan Coffee Prepared in Kenya?
Although Kenyans used to consume more tea than coffee, in recent years, their coffee consumption has increased. Kenyan Bitter Coffee', known as 'Kahawa Chunghu', is brewed in a special kettle over a charcoal cooker.

Screen Sizes of Coffee Seeds
Kenyan coffee is obtained from coffee seeds graded according to their sizes. The largest screen sizes are categorised as AA and are considered the best quality seeds. Other screen sizes include AB, C, PB, T, TT, UG1, UG2, UG3.

Although there are other determinants of high quality coffee, taste and aroma are the main concerns for coffee lovers. This is evident at the mention of Kenyan coffee, which stands out in the coffee market with whatever brand it carries.

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